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Skanska AB Invests in a Dustcontrol Solution


”It is intended that all construction workers should clean after themselves and then the central vacuum cleaner makes it much more easy to do so. It is also convenient to avoid having machines on each fl oor. Ronny Johansson Team Manager at Skanska AB tells us, that he only sees the benefits, and recommend other construction sites to invest in a central extraction system. It is not only convenient but it is also more efficient than conventional mobile vacuum machines” says Ronny.


The centralised extraction system, named the DC Big Vac, is a great new solution to customer requirements. The DC Big Vac can be used as a portable system. This means that the container can be docked to a temporary or permanent piping system and can easily be moved between construction sites. ”The DC Big Vac is supplemented with the DC Green System, and why Skanska made this choice was primarily because they wanted to avoid the hassles of electric installations in- cluding micro-switches.

Additionally Skanska will also get a convenient installation with automatic fi lter cleaning” says Stefan Ohlsson Sales engineer at Dustcontrol AB. The DC Big Vac is also equipped with an S 11000 filter unit. To this an F 11000 pre-separator is supplemented to remove the larger particles and to reduce the workload of the filter. Due to the fact that there is no access to compressed air on the construction site, a compressor has been installed, to generate air for the automaticfilter cleaning.


  • TPD 30 11 kW turbo pump-supplemented with the DC Green System
  • S 11000 filter unit
  • F 11000 pre-separator


Centralised extraction system for cleaning and to extract sawdust when sawing.

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Skanska AB
Stockholm Sweden

Company contact:
Ronny Johansson
Team Manager

Dustcontrol AB:
Stefan Ohlsson
Sales engineer

Dustcontrol GmbH, Siedlerstrasse 2, 71126 Gäufelden